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What is a power adjustable and non power adjustable door closer

A power adjustable door closer refers to a closer that the spring strength of the unit can be adjusted to the requirements of a specific door simply by turning the adjustment valve, even after installation. The spring strength is often determined by how the door width and how heavy the door is, as a higher spring strength will be needed to close a heavier door. 

For non power adjustable door closer, it refers to door closers that have fixed spring strength, and the requirements of the door have to be determined at the point of purchase. 


What is hold open and non hold open floor spring

Hold-open refers to the door closer ability to allow the door to remain open unassisted, most of the time at approximately 90 degrees. These closers are often used on office doors and house doors.

Non hold-open, on the other hand, will be used on fire-rated doors and security gates, where safety takes precedence over convenience.

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