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Are You Considering Adding Automatic Door Closers To Your Building?


Do You Have Questions Regarding Which Automatic Door Closers Are Best For Your Doors?

As a business owner, a building manager, or an individual, you are always on the lookout for the best available options for auto door closers and hardware for your premises.

Jecom has a wide selection of auto door closers and our expert sales team and technicians can help you decide on the best auto door closers for your building requirements.

Our Dormakaba automatic door closers are a popular option for quality automatic door upgrades.


Advantages Of Using Automatic Door Closers

Outside of controlling the speed and ease with which the door closes, there are many advantages to considering auto door closers. Doors can slam if there is too much pressure or outside wind force, and even cause injury. With auto door closers, you can ensure that the doors close completely whilst ensuring the safety of the users.

Auto Door Closer Products At Jecom

Dormakaba ED 100 and ED 250 Swing Door Systems 

With over 1,000,000 cycles of testing under its belt, the ED 100/250A electromechanical swing door operator can be used in a wide range of settings. The ‘Wind Load Control’ feature is appropriate for windy locations, adjusting for high wind loads. ED100 and ED250 are suitable for use on fire and smoke check doors as well as emergency escape routes.


Benefits and Features of ED250 and ED100 Swing Door Systems

    • Automatic operation with “Wind Load Control”
    • Suitable for use on emergency escape and fire doors.
    • Tested to 1,000,000 cycles
    • Push or Pull version for single or double leaf doors
    • Door widths up to 1100mm (ED100) and 1600mm (ED 250)
    • Door weights up to 100kg (ED 100) and 250kg (ED 250)


Dormakaba ES 200 and ES 250 Sliding Door Systems

The ES 200 and ES 250 are sliding door operators that can be installed on a variety of tracks. An increasing number of modules and options allow for tailor-made automatic sliding door solutions. They both come with a sleek and contemporary cover design, a motor that runs nearly silently, a microprocessor that automatically regulates the door’s opening and closing rates, an energy-saving power unit, and programming options that make installation, setup, and maintenance simple.


Benefits and Features of ES200 and ES 200 Easy Automatic Sliding Door Systems

    • ES 200 automatic sliding doors exhibit outstanding operational performance and efficiency.
    • ES 200 Easy can be used up to 2x100kgs of door weight and ES 200 STD up to 2X120kgs
    • The clear opening width for a double-leaf panel is varied between 700mm and 3000mm.
    • Sound-damping, replaceable track rail
    • Modules with special functions for challenging fields of application
    • Easy fixing and commissioning 
    • Can be combined with all the customary door profiles.


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