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Home & Living Products


Are you looking to purchase the latest home living products that will make your life easier? At Jecom, we offer you a selected line of products catering to your health, safety, and convenience needs.  


Spraying Water Bottle BPA Free-550 ML


This is another trending home living product by Jecom. This water bottle is made with Tritan – a BPA-free plastic, that is durable, hardy, and impact resistant. Spraying water bottles meets all food-grade quality compliance and can be used without having to worry about health or safety concerns.

Tritan does not contain bisphenol A (BPA) or any other hazardous bisphenol compounds, such as bisphenol S (BPS).


Special Features

  •       550 ML Clear Bottle in Blue or Black
  •       HHigh-quality Tritan TX1001
  •       Temperatures range from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius.
  •       100% leak proof
  •       BPA free


Super Light-Weight Quality Umbrella- UV Protection


A UV-blocking umbrella that helps you keep cool while in the heat of the sun. This compact umbrella is lightweight and easy to carry. Compact and surprisingly super lightweight, it is easy to keep in your bag and ideal for sudden changes in the weather.


Special Features

  •       Super Lightweight – 200g + Casing 50g
  •       With Casing – Easy to keep during rainy days
  •       Aluminum Alloy Frame (Super Light)
  •       Water Proof (Fast Dry)
  •       High-Quality Fabric with Black Coating UPF 50+


For Health and Comfort


Smart Posture Corrector- With Upper and Lower Back Support


Do you spend the majority of your day seated at a computer? Do you suffer from neck and shoulder pain? Then the smart posture corrector is the right solution for you. This home living product is suitable for both men and women, this high-quality, adjustable smart posture corrector will help you improve your posture. This also has an intelligent reminder feature. 


Special Features

  •       Posture Corrector with a smart device
  •       Adjustable Posture Belt.
  •       Support Upper and Lower Back
  •       Improve Posture & Reduce Slouching & Back Pain
  •       Material: ABS+PU Leather + Elastic Nylon Belt
  •       Power Supply: 5V Battery
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