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Lever Handle

Premium Lever Handle Products

At Jecom, we offer you a premium line of lever handles to meet all your project-related demands. Check out the best, aesthetically and technically sophisticated range of lever handles available in Singapore below.

Made of durable materials, including satin stainless steel, each of our lever handles has distinct features that make them suitable for use in a variety of environments. Our comprehensive lever handle products are durable, anti-corrosive, and cater to a broad range of client needs.

Dormakaba Lever Handles

Dormakaba offers Identical lever handles together with precisely matching roses, escutcheons, and backplates for use on timber, thin/narrow stile, and toughened glass doors. The system consists of three interchangeable components: lever handles, roses/backplates, and a square section spindle and can meet any design-related demand.

The variety of Dormakaba lever handles demonstrates the excellent standard of quality associated with the brand.


Pure Lever Handles On Round Rose Escutcheon

Dormakaba’s Pure lever handle locksets feature sophisticated designs and functional quality, as well as a seamless combination of technology and operational reliability. Made of high-quality materials and meticulously created to meet the most stringent requirements for stability, safety, and corrosion resistance. Dormakaba Pure Lever Door Handle Locks come with the following features.

  • Back to back fixes
  • EN 1906 Quality standards
  • Material: Satin Stainless steel
  • durable and comes with a 12-month warranty.


C Series 

Whether in private homes or commercial buildings, the C series is ideal for daily use. Suitable for both internal and external usage, every detail of every SS102 L lever handle is rigorously tested for seamless functioning so that it endures. The C Series SS102 L lever door handle locks come with the following features:


SS102 “L” Lever Handle

Material: Satin Stainless Steel

Coil Spring with Sir Clip

Diameter 19mm

All bolt-through fixing to prevent tampering

As a pioneer lever handle provider in Singapore, our expert team at Jecom can help you with all your lever handle door lock requirements. 


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